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"Citizens helping citizens in crisis"

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Trauma Intervention Programs (TIP) of San Diego, Inc., also known as TIP, is a non-profit volunteer-based program developed to provide support and assistance to those traumatically affected in emergency situations. When a trauma occurs, partnering agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and hospital personnel request a TIP volunteer to be with survivors to provide much needed emotional and practical support immediately following the crisis. TIP works closely with partnering agencies to provide a different dynamic to the emergency response system to meet the emotional needs of surviving victims. TIP San Diego is an affiliate of TIP National. To learn more about the TIP program, visit

Mission Statement: Our citizen volunteers will provide emotional first aid to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long-term recovery.

TIP Receives the Serving San Diego Award

Serving San Diego Award May 2016

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