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Adopt a Volunteer!TIP volunteers are phenomenal individuals completing special work within our community. Each volunteer spends over 500 hours annually providing emotional and practical support to people who are experiencing a traumatic time in their lives. Not everyone can do the work of a TIP volunteer, but anyone – including you – can support a TIP volunteer. By “Adopting” a TIP volunteer by offering a donation, you will be helping train, equip, and recognize this volunteer for a year.

TIP volunteers work closely with First Responders and fill a critical void in the emergency services system. Each volunteer works three 12-hour shifts a month to arrive on scene quickly and administer “emotional first aid” and offer practical support including connecting survivors with available community resources. Many volunteers have experienced a traumatic event themselves and understand the need for emotional support.

Help us continue to help our community and be part of “Citizens helping Citizens in Crisis” by choosing a TIP volunteer to adopt today!



We are having an Adopt a TIP Volunteer fundraiser! Make a tax deductible donation by adopting a volunteer for $100. Any amount donated helps us cover the cost of printed resources that volunteers give to clients on scene. Our goal is for each volunteer to get adopted to raise a total amount of $10,500. Please help if you can!

Adopt a Volunteer Today!

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